We are the product not you!


Your Family Circle is a social media platform where YOU create your own Family Circle, for peace of mind that you are not the product. For as little as $5.99 a month YOU make a difference. 
We do not un-reasonably store your data, nor do we share your info with 3rd party brokers. We place the power back into your hands, "The People".

We are a work in progress always getting better for YOU

We are calling upon YOU! Take back the power and redistribute it among the people. With every unified family circle together WE are the change.




NO B.S.!












Your Family Circle = Family owned and operated indefinitely.


Your Family Circle is run by YOU.

This is how big tech hurts you

We are not a big tech company

Your Family Circle does not sell your data directly nor indirectly

Modus Operandi


Love Truth & Virtue


We started this initiative to give back to Family, Community & above all

protect the Youth/Children. We will never forget that.

How do we give back ?

we all do with Karma!

what is family karma ?

Karma Points (KP) encourage our community to help one another in times of need. Each KP is equal to $1 USD (or what ever currency we end up using). The goal of KP is for each Family Circle to build their own stock pile of Karma Points. What is awesome about Karma Points? It does not just stop at Your Family Circle. You can help other Family Circle's in need, or collaberate with a Family Circle to help non-profit & more. The possibilities are limitless.
How does Your Family Circle earn Karma Points?
We keep it simple, there are two ways to earn.
Time Gate - We value family time; as soon as you sign up you are passively earning (off and on) YFC. You are literally, getting paid to spend time with your family. *Passive earning percentages are subject to change.
Pay It Forward - When your family circle pays it forward, you earn a reasonable percentage back in return. Now, this like any means of paying it forward, does not guarantee return every time. Not all good deeds get a pat on the back.
Other ways to earn ?
We love simple! We may or may not add more ways to earn.

Q : Is this a Ponzi ?
A : A ponzi scheme has angles (Bitconnecttttt), where a group sits at the top, taking all the profit and little to no loss. YFC is pretty well rounded; we stare you in the face (not like a dead fish), and shake your hand when we do business. Those other places, to be quite frank, use you to pave their roads. 'Round here, we pave the roads together.

Q : Why did you create YFC ?
A : Well in short, we did not create Your Family Circle - YOU did. we just saw a need and we are fixing the problem. we are but humble engineers.
Q : What do you do with our money and how can you afford to allow users to pay expenses as well as pay it forward ?
A : We re-invest into YFC. When you pay your subscription, we take our business's surplus cash then, make smart investments and from those profits we give back to YOU.

Q : Are Karma points real money ?
A : Nope, they are an internal points system we use on YFC platform. Keeping track of how much you can pay forward, or pay for a sudden expense in your own family circle. The (KP) system will be used to mitigate loss or theft just in case some "CYBER Criminals" decide to hack YFC, they will get nothing! It would not be smart for us to put all our eggs into one basket, so with this in mind we cannot in good conscience let anyone else do the same.

A Message From Us




Going forward we want to make it very clear. We are not motivated by making our millions, we only want to break free of the nine to five, to spend more time with family. The goal is to make a living without giving a sole entity power over us.  It is "we the people"  as a byproduct, we will do our best to help others achieve this goal along side us. We are also leaving it up to other community leaders to lead by example.
Our core Belief's are pretty simple
(I Love the Virtuous) Amo Probos, (I Love the Truth) Amo Probus, we also
believe in transparency, paying it forward and most important it is about protecting our Youth/Children.
We would like to take the time to thank you for getting to this point

©Copywright Your Family Circle 2021-2022

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